This presentation was by church planter, Eric Lanthier with the Fellowship French Mission. It was delivered at The People’s Church of Somerville, NB on the morning of May 22, 2011.

Here is a bit of information about the ministry in the Petite Patrie region of Montreal, Quebec:


One light went out but another is about to be turned on.

Petite Patrie became part of greater Montreal in 2002 and has gained a reputation as a desirable tourist area. This area of 60,000 French Canadians is made up of 76% French Quebecers, 15% immigrants, 5% Spanish people and 4% Anglophone.

With foresight and purpose, the Terrebonne-Mascouche church purchased the property (a former bank building) from another congregation that had served the community of Petite Patrie since 1946 before closing its doors. The mother church recruited an experienced church-planting couple, Eric and Carole Lanthier, who quickly put together a plan to re-establish the Gospel witness in the area. During the fall and winter of 2010/11, the mother church, along with the Lanthiers, will put together their team. Their proposed launch date is September 2011.

Their target group are artists, intellectuals and professionals. The long-term vision of Corner Church is to become a base for church-planting in other under-serviced areas on the island of Montreal, specifically the Plateau-Mont-Royal area, where the most influential people of Quebec live.

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